Zamami Village Whale Watching Expeditions

Okinawa has a reputation for attracting a lot of tourists – but did you know that humpback whales are drawn to these islands too? Every year from January to March, hundreds of humpback whales gather off the Zamami Island coast to give birth and nurture their young. February is usually the best month to see them, so if you are interested in going on a Zamami Village whale-watching expedition, then keep reading to see how.

  • How to watch the whales
  • List of tour operators
  • How to get to Zamami Village
  • Where to stay

How to watch the whales

Zamami is the best place for whale watching in Okinawa, and you will have two choices in doing so. The first option is to go out by boat with one of the whale watching tour operators. It is the best way to see them from up close but can be understandably scary for some people. Also, some people suffer from seasickness. An alternative option is to watch them via binoculars from one of the many observation decks which you can find along the Zamami coastline.

Whale watching tour operators

There are several tour operators to choose from for a Zamami Village whale watching tour. We will list some of them here below.

Marine House Seasir: Going whale watching in Okinawa with Marine House Seasir does not require you to head to Zamami first. They fetch you from the Naha City port and take you to all the whale watching spots around the Kerama Islands. Morning and afternoon tours are available. Visit their website here.

South To South Marine Club: The South to South Marine Club offers Okinawa whale watching tours from the Naha City port. They offer a morning and afternoon tour with each lasting about 4 hours. Their website is entirely in Japanese, but you can get their phone number from the top of the page. Visit their website here.

Zamami Whale Watching: Zamami Whale Watching provides a fun, short 2-hour long tour that departs from the Zamami Island port. Both morning and afternoon tours are available. Their website, which is here, is entirely in Japanese, but you can call them on 098-896-4141

How to get to Zamami Village

Getting to Zamami Village from Naha City is pretty straightforward. At the port, you will have the option to choose from two ferries: The high-speed Queen Zamami III, which will make the journey in one hour and cost around $60 for a round trip. Then there is the larger Ferry Zamami III, which will get you there in 2 hours for $40 per round trip.

Bookings can be made for the ferries online in advance via credit card. Visit their website at When visiting the link, click the login button to get to the information page.

Where to stay

Just spending a day here for the whale tour is fine, but spending an evening is another option worth considering. There are endless types of accommodations to suit every budget – from hotels, campsites, and guesthouses. Visit here for the options.