Where to stay in Japan

Sure, you can stay in a Western-style hotel during your time in Japan, but what fun would that be? Rather leave regular hotels for vacations back West, because in Japan there are so many other options to choose from. Why not stay in a traditional Japanese ryokan or try out a night or two in a capsule? There are also internet cafes, love hotels, and even Buddhist monasteries where you can stay while in Japan. The best part? Many of these options cost a mere fraction of what a typical standard Western-style hotel will cost.


A traditional Japanese ryokan.
A traditional Japanese ryokan.

Before the arrival of Western-style hotels in Japan, there were only ryokans. These authentically Japanese-type accommodations are beautiful, comfortable, and affordable – something everyone should stay at while visiting Japan.

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Capsule hotels

A Japanese capsule hotel.l.
A Japanese capsule hotel.

Capsule hotels, also known as pod hotels, were invented in Japan. They consist of small units known as capsules, which are the size of a single bed. Not only are they modern and comfortable but they are also very cheap.

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Buddhist monasteries

The entrance of a Buddhist monastery in Koyasan, Japan..
WolfgangMichel, Kongobuji-Koyasan-Portal, CC0 1.0

Staying at a Buddhist monastery is a relatively new concept that is starting to gain popularity. Not only will you be in beautiful and peaceful natural surroundings, but you will also learn a lot about Buddhism while living as the monks do.

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Manga Kissa

An internet cafe in Japan that offers overnight accommodation.
Maya-Anaïs Yataghène from Paris, France, Japan – Tokyo (9981965435), CC BY 2.0

Internet cafes in Japan offer overnight accommodation for those who missed the last evening train home. Sure they’re not comfortable, but it beats sleeping on the streets, and for the price, you really can’t complain.

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Love hotels

The outside of a love hotel.
The outside of a love hotel.

Love hotels are pretty famous and are the ideal solution for couples who missed the last train home. These hotels range from somewhat sleazy to unbelievably incredible and are well worth checking out.

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