How to say wallet in Japanese

The Japanese word for wallet.
The Japanese word for wallet.

The Japanese word for wallet is saifu (財布) and a leather wallet is kawa saifu (皮財布). Find more words with their translations in the following section. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Leather wallet
Kawa saifu皮財布
Virtual wallet
Kasō saifu仮想財布
Mobile wallet
Contactless payments with RFID
built into mobile phones.

Osaifu kētaiNone

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Interesting facts about the Japanese word for wallet

As mentioned, the Japanese word for “wallet” is saifu (財布), which is a combination of two kanji characters: zai (財), which means wealth/money, and fu (布), which means cloth.

The word ‘saifu’ originated during the Edo period in Japan, when people used to carry small purses made of cloth or leather to hold their coins and other small items. Throughout the centuries, these purses evolved into the modern wallet, but the name ‘saifu’ remained.

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