Tokyo Travel Guide

The word Tokyo translates to ‘Eastern Capital‘ and is the world’s most populous city. Exploring this spectacular city, with its bright neon lights and expansive range of attractions in its entirety, would undoubtedly take years. Which is why we have listed and sorted its top attractions to help simplify things.

Watch sumo in Tokyo Watch Sumo Wrestling

Watching a sumo match in Tokyo is a must if you happen to be in the city at when a match is on. Find out when, where and how here.

Sushi classes in Tokyo Sushi Making Classes

There are a vast number of one day sushi making classes held in Tokyo which you can attend. Learn the fine art of making sushi at..

Tokyo food tours Tokyo Food Tours

Tokyo’s food culture is nothing short of legendary and when in the city you will be spoiled..

Tokyo geisha districts Geisha Districts

Tokyo has six geisha districts known as hanamachi which are scattered across the city..

Tokyo Festivals Festivals

A list of recommended festivals to attend when in the city. From big to large events..