How to say skunk in Japanese

The Japanese word for skunk.
The Japanese word for skunk.

The Japanese word for skunk is sukanku (English loanword). Find the Japanese translation for various types of skunks in the table below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Skunk (English loanword)
Striped Skunk
Shima sukanku縞スカンク
Hooded skunk
Sejiro sukanku背白スカンク
Spotted skunk
Madara sukanku斑スカンク

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Interesting facts about skunks in Japan

Skunks are native to the North American continent and are thus not found in Japan except for in zoos. Also, it’s not forbidden to import and keep a skunk as a pet in Japan as long as it’s done legally and with all the necessary paperwork.

Read more about importing exotic pets into Japan here.

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