How to say salt in Japanese

The Japanese word for salt.
The Japanese word for salt.

The Japanese word for salt is shio and table salt is shokutakuen. Find more words for salt in Japanese below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about salt in Japan

Japan has been producing salt since ancient times through various means and today the Japanese make around 4,000 different types of salts. And salt not only plays an important role in their local cuisine, but it also plays an essential role in Japanese culture and tradition since it’s seen as a purifier.

As a result, salt is often used in various purification rituals. Sumo wrestlers for example, throw it around the dohyo before a bout since it’s believed to ward off evil spirits. It is also placed at the entrances of funerals and public places such as stores, theaters, restaurants etc, to purify those establishments.

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