Sake Tasting Tours

So you find yourself in Japan and would like to become more familiarized with sake. Problem is, with so many thousands of brands available, where do you start? We take out the guesswork by presenting you with a list of the best sake tasting tours in Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka.

Sake tasting tours in Tokyo

Sake tasting in Tokyo could not be easier. A city of this magnitude has every type of sake available and an incredible abundance of knowledgeable tour operators for you to choose from.


Embark on one of the most unforgettable sake tasting tours in Tokyo with Hisgo Japan – if you will be able to remember it because you will be tasting over 100 different types!

You will have the option to choose from one of three markets to visit – the Shinjuku, Shibuya or the Ikebukuro shop.

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Ninja Food Tours

With the 2 hours long Tokyo sake tasting tour offered by Ninja Food Tours, you will sample numerous types while learning what kind of food pairs best with sake. You will also learn about the different brewing techniques and history of this ancient Japanese drink.

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Sake tasting tours in Koyto

Kyoto is a great place for sake tasting adventures since this ancient city already has a long history with this ancient brew.

Kyoto Insider Sake Experience

Company founder, Kotaro, is in collaboration with various local Kyoto breweries and businesses which allows him to offer some of the most unforgettable sake tasting tours.

Choose from visiting a brewery where you will enjoy samples and learn how it’s made, try as many varieties as you can handle with an expert while learning the fine art of pairing food and sake together.

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Spend 3 hours exploring Kyoto’s legendary Fushimi district where sake has been brewed for close to a millennium. On the English guided tour, you will try 9 different kinds of sake while learning how it’s made.

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Sake tasting tours in Osaka

Osaka has its fair share of breweries and has a lot to offer those who wish to learn more about this ancient Japanese drink.

Hidden Osaka Sake Time Tasting

This is by far one of the best sake tasting tours in Osaka. On the 3 hour tour, you will first visit the Hozenji Shrine where you will ask the gods for protection. Afterward, you will learn how sake is made and how to pair it with food from visiting four different sake bars. Oh, and there will be karaoke too.

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Hana Bar

Are you interested in a true sake experience without having to travel from place to place? Then visit the Hana Bar in Osaka’s Chuo-ku district.

Friendly bilingual staff will tell you about the different types of sake as you try them. Not only that but there’s Japanese beer and whiskey you can try too.

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Becoming more familiarized with sake will give you a better understanding of Japanese culture, customs and tradition. Also, you don’t necessarily have to be in Tokyo, Kyoto or Osaka to enjoy this type of cultural experience. As a matter of fact, there are many other places in Japan where you can enjoy a sake tasting tour.

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