How to say python in Japanese

The Japanese word for python.
The Japanese word for python.

The Japanese word for python is nishikihebi and the Borneo short-tailed python is Boruneo aka nishikihebi. Find more python species with their Japanese translations in the following section. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Nishiki hebi錦蛇
African rock python
Afurika nishiki hebiNone
Borneo short-tailed python
Boruneo aka nishiki hebiNone
Reticulated python
Amime nishiki hebiNone
Indian rock python
Indo nishiki hebiNone

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Interesting facts about pythons in Japan

Pythons aren’t native to Japan. The largest type of snake that can be found in the wild is the highly venomous Hime habu from Okinawa, and they can measure up to 6 feet long. However, back in 2022 two ball python’s were accidentally set free from a Japanese company that kept them as pets in the Tochigi Prefecture. The police caught them after searching for a couple of days. Read more about this story here.

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