How to say potato in Japanese

The Japanese word for potato.
The Japanese word for potato.

The Japanese word for potato is jagaimo (traditional Japanese) and mashed potato is masshupoteto (English loanword). – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about potatoes in Japan

The first potatoes in Japan were brought over in the late 16th Century by Dutch traders from Jakarta, Indonesia. Therefore, the Japanese named them after Jakarta – jagatoro-imo – and only later changed it to what it is known as today – jaga-imo.

However, potato cultivation in Japan didn’t become commonplace until at least the late 1800s. Today, 80% of all Japan’s domestic potatoes are grown in the Hokkaido prefecture where the temperatures are cooler and more suited for its cultivation.

Most of the potatoes in Japan are imported from the US, Canada and Europe because Japan doesn’t grow nearly enough to satisfy local demand.

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