How to say pigeon in Japanese

Pigeon in Japanese
How to say pigeon in Japanese.

The Japanese word for pigeon is hato. Find a list of pigeon species with their kana writings and Japanese pronunciations in the section below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Carrier pigeon
Densho bato伝書鳩
Crowned pigeon
Kanmuri bato冠鳩
Japanese Wood Pigeon
Karasu bato烏鳩
Japanese Green Pigeon
Ao bato青鳩

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Interesting facts about pigeons in Japan

Pigeons are found in abundance all over the world and Japan is no exception. Like elsewhere in the world, they are most often found in urban areas, squares and parks all over Japan. The most common species in Japan is the Crowned and Japanese Wood Pigeon but a much rarer species known as the Aobato (Japanese Green Pigeon) can be commonly found in the Oiso region.

Interestingly, droppings from these birds have become a real problem in the Sumiyoshi Ward of Osaka City, that the municipal government has put restrictions on people feeding the birds. Anyone caught feeding the birds will have to pay a fine and/or clean up droppings. Read more about it here.

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