How to say oyster in Japanese

How to say oyster in Japanese.
How to say oyster in Japanese.

The Japanese word for oyster is kaki and oyster shell is kaki no kara. Find more oyster related words in the table below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Oyster shell
Kaki no kara牡蠣の殻
Oyster bed
Kaki no seisoku basho牡蠣の生息場所
Oyster farm
Kaki no yōshoku-ba牡蠣の養殖場
Pacific oyster
Miyagi no kaki宮城の牡蠣
Iwagaki oyster

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Interesting facts about oysters

Japan has a long history of oyster cultivation as they have been a popular delicacy in the country for centuries. Also, some of the sweetest tasting and highest-quality oysters are found in Japan which is why they are so prized by the best Japanese chefs. They are often enjoyed with daikon radish, ponzu sauce, soy sauce and citrus juice, or soy sauce and sake.

There are two main seasonal types of oysters in Japan – Iwagaki oysters which are available during the summer months and Pacific oysters which are available during the winter. And most of the Japanese oysters come from the Iwate, Hiroshima and Miyagi Prefectures. As a matter of fact, up to 70% of all the oysters in Japan come from Hiroshima alone. Find out more here.

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