How to say owl in Japanese

Owl in Japanese
The Japanese word for owl.

The Japanese word for owl is fukurou. Below is a table of translations and pronunciations for some of the owl species found in Japan. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about owls in Japan

Owls have a very special place in Japanese culture and are often depicted in their art and literature. In Japan, owls are considered to be symbols of good luck, wisdom, and protection which is why many people keep small figurines of owls as charms to bring good fortune.

Also, the Ainu people from Hokkaido had an owl deity they worshiped who oversaw human behavior. It was believed that the deity provided material success to those who are well behaved.

The most well-known species of owl in Japan is the Tawny Owl, which can be found all throughout the country. Other species of owls that can be commonly found in Japan include the Ural Owl, the Short-eared Owl, and the Barn Owl. The Snowy Owl, although fairly rare, is also found in the Hokkaido Prefecture.

Anyone familiar with Japan knows about cat cafes and how popular they are across the country. However, a new trend has been emerging over the last few years – owl cafes.

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