Okinawa Travel Guide

The sub-tropical islands of Okinawa form the southernmost prefecture of Japan and offer spectacular beaches, one of a kind diving spots, historic sites, castles, and lots more. Explore Okinawa by making a selection below.

Okinawa beaches Okinawa Beach Guide

Okinawa Prefecture has some of the best beaches in Japan and in this guide we will reveal all the best spots for you to enjoy the sand and surf.

Okinawa festivals Festivals & Events

The festivals and events in Okinawa are different than those which take place in other places across Japan. Enjoy these Ryukyu festivals and events..

Okinawa Diving Spots Diving Spots

From ancient underwater ruins to sunken warships and spectacular underwater caverns..

Okinawa Travel Guide: Distilleries Distillery Tours

If you enjoy sake, awamori and shochu then visit the following Okinawa based distilleries..

Okinawa Castles Okinawa Castles

The castles in the Ryukyu Kingdom look vastly different than those on mainland Japan..