How to say netball in Japanese

The Japanese word for netball.
The Japanese word for netball.

There Japanese word for netball is nettobōru (English loanword) and the Japan Netball Association is Nihon nettobōru kyōkai. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Netball (English loanword)
Netball player
Nettobōru senshuネットボール選手
Japan Netball Association
Nihon nettobōru kyōkai日本ネットボール協会

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Interesting facts about netball in Japan

Netball is not exactly popular in Japan, but there there is a Japan Netball Association and they do compete in the yearly Asian Netball Competitions, as well as in other international tournaments against countries like South Africa, Australia and England.

Visit the official website here.

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