Nagasaki Travel Guide

The Nagasaki Prefecture is located in the southwest corner of Japan. The port of Nagasaki City was the only place from where Japan traded with foreign countries during its isolation period and the region also suffered numerous tragic events – therefore its incredible rich in historical sites. In this Nagasaki travel guide we will cover all the greatest tourist attractions and things you can do.

Things to do in Nagasaki Things to do in Nagasaki

There are a wide range of incredible tourist attractions – from a long list of incredible historical sites, stunning beaches and even a volcano.

Nagasaki beaches Best Beaches of Nagasaki

The prefecture is nestled in between a mountain range and coastline. This offers tourists some of the best beaches in Japan.

Historical sites of Nagasaki Historical sites

Nagasaki has had an eventful history and this is evident all throughout..

Mount Unzen Mount Unzen

The enormous Mount Unzen is the only active volcano in the Nagasaki prefecture.

Hashima Island Hashima Island

Hashima Island, or Gunkanjima as the Japanese call it, sits just off the coast..

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