Love Hotels

Love hotels, you’ve heard about them, and if you are in Japan, you probably walked past a few on several occasions. But what are they, what do they cost and where are they all located? Here we find out.

  • What is a love hotel?
  • What does it cost?
  • Where are love hotels located?

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What is a love hotel?

A love hotel is a place where couples rent a room for a few hours or perhaps even overnight for certain activities. The rooms are usually anything but standard as they have themes of various natures and can also sometimes be mind-blowing. The first of these establishments came about during the 17th Century Edo Period and has grown in popularity since. Today they can be found in every Japanese city and even in many other cities across the world.

So what is the Japanese love hotel industry worth? $40 billion to be exact – which is double that of the entire anime industry. There are estimated to be 37,000 such hotels across Japan, and on average, around 2% of the Japanese population visit them each day.

The entire check-in, paying and checking out process is done entirely anonymously while entrances are usually located in dark alleyways to prevent people from seeing those entering and exiting.

What does it cost?

The price of staying at a love hotel varies on a number of factors. Firstly, the theme of the room and decorations play a significant role in the cost. Secondly, the time of day and week is also a big factor. For example, renting a room for a few hours during the day in the weekday will be considerably lower than a weekend evening night.

On average, expect to pay around $80 US for a weekday night and $30 to $70 US in the daytime. Prices go up considerably during weekends.

Where are love hotels located?

Love hotels can easily be found in most major Japanese cities. If you are trying to find one in a specific city then select any of the following regions for a list of available love hotels.


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