Kyoto Travel Guide

Kyoto City is considerably smaller in comparison to other major Japanese cities, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up for in rich history and culture. It served as the capital city of Japan for more than one thousand years and is famous today for its many temples, shrines, ryokans, and geisha districts.

Kyoto Festivals Festivals

Here we list some of Kyoto’s most unforgettable larger and smaller religious and cultural festivals and events which you can attend.

Kyoto Geisha Districts Geisha Districts

Kyoto City is the birthplace of geisha’s, and here we will reveal the four districts of the city where you will find them.

Things to do in Kyoto Things to do

Check out our list of fun things to do while visiting Kyoto City – from hiking trails to visiting…

Hiking Trails

The city is surrounded on three sides by both short and extremely long mountainous hiking trails…

Cooking Classes

What better way to uncover the local culture through its food and what better way to do it…

The Kyoto Botanical Gardens. Kyoto Botanical Garden

Visit the largest and oldest Japanese botanical garden right here in beautiful Kyoto…