Kyoto Festivals

Kyoto festivals
Z3144228, Gion Matsuri-05, Cropped, CC BY-SA 4.0

Many religious and cultural celebrations take place all across the city throughout the year. Tourists are more than welcome to attend and partake in these fun-filled and exciting Kyoto festivals and events.

Toshiya festivalA 400-year-old archery competition held at the Sanjusangen-do temple as part of the ‘coming of age’ day celebrations.Second Sunday of January
Aoi matsuriThe Aoi Matsuri is a large procession that starts at the Imperial Palace and ends at the Kamigamo Shrine to appease the Shinto deities.May 15
Gion matsuriThe millennia-old Gion Matsuri takes place across Kyoto. It’s one of the 3 main festivals held in the city and consists of parades to appease and entertain the Shinto gods.July 1 – July 31
Daimonji fire festivalEach year in August fires in the shape of kanji characters burn on the hillsides of Kyoto City.August 16
Jidai matsuriThe Jidai Matsuri is a 5-hour long parade that starts at the Kyoto Imperial Palace to commemorate and celebrate the city after the capital was moved from here to Tokyo.October 22