Kyoto Festivals & Events

There are a number of religious and cultural celebrations that take place all across the city throughout the year. Tourists are more than welcome to attend and partake in these fun-filled and exciting Kyoto festivals and events.

Toshiya festivalA 400 year old archery competition held at the Sanjusangen-do temple as part of the ‘coming of age’ day celebrations.Second Sunday of January
Aoi matsuriThe Aoi Matsuri is a large procession which starts at the Imperial Palace and ends at the Kamigamo Shrine with the aim of appeasing the Shinto deities.May 15
Gion matsuriThe millenia old Gion Matsuri takes place across Kyoto. It’s one of the 3 main festivals held in the city and consists of parades to appease and entertain the Shinto gods.July 1 – July 31
Daimonji fire festivalEach year in August fires in the shape of kanji characters burn on the hillsides of Kyoto City.August 16
Jidai matsuriThe Jidai matsuri is a 5 hour long parade which starts at the Kyoto Imperial Palace to commemorate and celebrate the city after the capital was moved from here to Tokyo.October 22