How to say jellyfish in Japanese

The Japanese word for jellyfish.
The Japanese word for jellyfish.

The Japanese word for jellyfish is kurage and box jellyfish is bokkusukurage. Check below for the translations of various jellyfish species. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Nomura’s jellyfish
Echizen kurageエチゼン海月
Viper jellyfish
Habu kurageハブ海月
Crown jellyfish
Kanmuri kurageruiかんむり海月るい
Box jellyfish
Bokkusu kurageボックス海月
Immortal jellyfish
Beni kurage紅海月

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Interesting facts about jellyfish in Japan

There are a considerable number of jellyfish in the waters surrounding Japan and the problem has been getting worse over the years – and this often leads to beach closures. This not only inconveniences swimmers and surfers, but it’s also being a huge problem for Japan’s fishing industry.

To make matters worse, a lot of these jellyfish aren’t the regular fairly harmless species either. Some of the dangerous ones found are the toxic box jellyfish and nomura’s jellyfish – both potentially deadly. Not to mention that the nomura’s jellyfish are the size of an adult human.

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