Japanese Food

Japanese Food

When most people think of Japanese food, sushi and ramen will mostly come to mind. Although those are unique dishes and should definitely be tried when in Japan, there is much more when it comes to Japanese cuisine. The variety of local cuisine varies from region to region and is often as unique as Japan itself. From the wide varieties of sushi and ramen, to the exquisite kobe beef, many types of sweets, candies and sake. Select any of the food types or drinks below.

Awamori Awamori

A healthy alcoholic drink from the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Japanese tea Japanese Tea

The most famous and healthiest tea’s from Japan.

Sake Sake

A special type of fermented Japanese rice wine.

Sashimi Sashimi

Very lightly salted thin strips of raw fish and meat.

Shochu Shochu

A lesser known but extremely popular distilled drink.

Sushi Sushi

The most famous type of Japanese cuisine.

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