Japanese Food

When most people think of Japanese food, sushi and ramen will mostly come to mind. Although those are unique dishes and should be tried when in Japan, there is much more when it comes to Japanese cuisine. The variety of local cuisine varies from region to region and is often as unique as Japan itself. From the many varieties of sushi and ramen to the exquisite Kobe beef, many types of sweets, candies, and sake. Select any of the food types or drinks below.

Sashimi Sashimi

Sashimi shares a lot of similarities with sushi. Learn the differences here.

Basashi Basashi

Basashi is horse meat served as thinly sliced sashimi. It’s available in many parts of Japan..

Sushi Sushi

Sushi is probably Japan’s most well known export. Learn everything about it here.

Bento boxes Bento boxes

Bento boxes are believed to have been first used by samurai warriors. Take a look at..

Wagashi Wagashi

Wagashi are Japanese plant based sweets that are served with your tea. Learn more about..


Wasabi Wasabi

Some love it, some hate it. But how many actually know what it is?

Mirin Mirin

Mirin has been an important ingredient in not only Japanese cuisine, but also in Asian cuisine..

Cooking sake Cooking Sake

The idea of cooking with sake might seem strange to foreigners but it’s common practice in…

Drinks & beverages

Habushu Habushu

Okinawa is home to some famous alcoholic beverages, but habushu is by far the most interesting

Awamori Awamori

Awamori has been consumed by local Okinawans for centuries. Learn more about it here.

Sake Sake

Learn more about this popular and special type of fermented Japanese rice wine.

Shochu Shochu

Shochu is hardly known outside of Japan but is the most popular domestic drink.

Japanese tea Japanese Tea

Japan has a reputation for cultivating some of the healthiest tea’s in the world.