How to say ice cream in Japanese

The Japanese word for ice cream.
The Japanese word for ice cream.

The Japanese word for ice cream is aisukurīmu and ice cream cone is aisukurīmukōn. See the Japanese translations of various ice cream flavors in the table below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Ice cream
Ice cream cone
Aisukurīmu kōnNone
Vanilla ice cream
Banira aisukurīmuNone
Chocolate ice cream
Chokorēto aisukurīmuNone
Chocolate chip ice cream
Chokochippu aisukurīmuNone
Strawberry ice cream
Sutoroberī aisukurīmu苺アイスクリーム
Coffee ice cream
Kōhī aisukurīmu珈琲アイスクリーム
Watermelon ice cream
Suika aisukurīmu西瓜アイスクリーム
Bubblegum ice cream
Baburugamu aisukurīmuNone
Matcha green tea ice cream
Matcha aisukurīmu抹茶アイスクリーム

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Interesting facts about ice cream in Japan

A group of samurai visited the United States in 1860 as part of a diplomatic mission. The mission was to learn about America and they took many things back with them to Japan – including a recipe on how to make ice cream. However, the first ice cream produced in Japan only happened a few years later in 1869 in Yokohama.

Today, the frozen treat is incredibly popular in Japan. And although vanilla is by far the most popular flavor of ice cream among the Japanese, they still have every flavor possibly imaginable. These flavors range from all the regular ones we are accustomed to in the West to the more unconventional ones. Some examples include salt, crab, wasabi, lavender and sweet potato to name but a few.

Check out this list of the strangest ice cream flavors in Japan.

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