How to say hot dog in Japanese

The Japanese word for hot dog.
The Japanese word for hot dog.

The word for a hot dog in Japanese is hotto doggu (English loanword) and a hot dog stand is hotto doggu sutando. Hear their pronunciations in the next section. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Hot dog
Hotto dogguNone
Hot dog bun
Hotto doggu panNone
Hot dog stand
Hotto doggu sutandoNone

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Interesting facts about hot dogs in Japan

Hot dogs are popular in Japan, and sometimes as we all know, the Japanese like to do things a bit differently. One example being the Black Terra Hot Dog. The hot dog and bun is coated in edible charcoal powder which gives it a pitch black color. It’s available in Tokyo’s Akihabara District for $6. Find out more about it here.

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