How to say golf in Japanese

The Japanese word for golf.
The Japanese word for golf.

The Japanese word golf is gorufu (English loanword). Golf ball is gorufu bōru and golf course is gorufu ba. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about golf in Japan

The first golf club in Japan was established in Kobe by a small group of British immigrants and in 1924 the Japan Golf Club Association was officially established.

Today, Japan has just over 2,500 golf courses which makes it the country with the second most golf courses in the world. The country also has more than half of all the golf courses in all of Asia! Another impressive statistic is that around 10% of the Japanese population plays the sport on a regular basis.

Also, under the Yakuza Exclusion Ordinances Act, members of the Yakuza are prohibited from joining golf clubs or playing at them.

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