How to say fog in Japanese

The Japanese word for fog.
The Japanese word for fog.

The Japanese word for fog is kiri and dense fog is koi kiri. Find the Japanese translations for other fog-related words below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about fog in Japan

Fog is common in many parts of Japan all year round. The word kasumi (かすみ) is used for describing mist and the fog which is most common during the spring, while kiri (きり) is the word most often used for autumn and winter fog.

City fog is another common occurrence in Japan and often looks just as spooky as beautiful. Tokyo City rarely experiences this natural phenomena, but many others do. The best example is Kushiro City. This particular city, which is located in the Hokkaido Prefecture, experiences 100 days of fog on average each year, and thus holds the title for being the foggiest city in Japan.

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