How to say earthquake in Japanese

The Japanese word for earthquake.
The Japanese word for earthquake.

The Japanese word for earthquake is jishin and tremors is shindō. Find more earthquake related words in Japanese below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about earthquakes in Japan

Japan experiences around 5,000 minor earthquakes per year that measures between 3.0 and 4.9 and most of these, especially on the lower end, go by unnoticed.

There are also about 160 earthquakes each year that measures 5.0 or above and these larger ones are noticed.

The reason why Japan experiences so many regular earthquakes is because the country is located in the Pacific Ring of Fire. It’s an area where four continental plates overlap one another and also home to 450 volcanoes.

Interestingly, Japan measures earthquakes differently. Instead of the richter scale, they use something called the shindo system which measures earthquakes on a scale of 1 to 7.

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