How to say duck in Japanese

The Japanese word for duck.
The Japanese word for duck.

The Japanese word for duck is kamo (traditional Japanese) and dakku (English loanword). Find more duck words with their Japanese translations in the section below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about ducks in Japan

There are over 30 different duck species in Japan. They are all migratory birds that visits each winter from the Asian mainland and Southeast Asia with the exception of one – the Eastern Spot-billed Duck – which can be found year-round in Japan. Read more about the Eastern Spot-billed Duck here.

Some of the ducks in Japan that can only be found in the winter include the Mallard, the Lesser-whistling, the Ruddy Shelduck, the Northern Pintail, and even the Philippine Duck from the Philippines which visits Okinawa.

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