How to say crane in Japanese

The Japanese word for crane.
The Japanese word for crane.

The Japanese word for crane is tsuru (traditional Japanese) and kurēn (English loanword). Look below for a list of crane species and their Japanese names. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about cranes in Japan

In Japan, the red-crowned crane is a national treasure and symbolizes happiness, longevity and good fortune. These special birds are also often mentioned in Japanese literature and mythology, as well as depicted in art. Currently, there are around 1,200 red-crowned cranes in Japan with most of them living in the Kushiro wetlands of Hokkaido.

Another place to see cranes in Japan is at the Izumi plain in the Kagoshima Prefecture. Each year in the winter, around 10,000 cranes, consisting mostly of hooded cranes, but also including sandhill, demoiselle, Siberian, and common cranes migrate there from Siberia.

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