How to say cockroach in Japanese

The Japanese word for cockroach.
The Japanese word for cockroach.

The Japanese word for cockroach is gokiburi or goki for short. See more Japanese words for cockroach in the table below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

A type of poisonous cockroach bait
available in Japan.
Hōsanda n goホウ酸だんご
German cockroach
Chabane gokiburi茶羽ゴキブリ
Oriental cockroach
Kuro gokiburi黒ゴキブリ
Japanese cockroach
Yamato gokiburi大和ゴキブリ

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Interesting facts about cockroaches in Japan

Japan is extremely clean but serious cockroach infestations can occur when the temperatures are just right. And to make matters worse, the ones found in Japan are considerably larger than those in the West.

The three most common types you will find are the Oriental, German and the native Yamato cockroaches. The German and Oriental cockroaches are more common during warmer temperatures, while the Yamato (which also has the ability to fly) is more common when it’s cooler.

If you happen to be in Japan and are experiencing roach problems then check out these tips.

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