Bunkyo Tsutsuji Matsuri

Tokyo is undoubtedly famous for many things – but not many realize that it’s also a great destination for flower viewing. The Bunko Tsutsuji Matsuri is but one of many such flower viewing events held throughout the year. Keep reading to find out when, where, and how to attend.

  • How the Bunkyo Tsutsuji Matsuri takes place
  • Event details

Bunkyo Azalea Festival

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How the Bunkyo Tsutsuji Matsuri takes place

Each year, just after the cherry blossoms are done, thousands of stunning and colorful azalea flowers go into full bloom. One of the many places you can see these azaleas is at the Nezu Shrine gardens.

The shrine itself is pretty unique as it’s around 1,900 years old. Also, it’s uncommon for shrines to have large garden areas like the Nezu Shrine has.

To attend, all you have to do is head to the Nezu Shrine in Tokyo in mid-April. Entrance to the shrine is free of charge, but you will have to pay 200 Yen ($2.00 US) for entry to the garden where you will be able to walk along pathways surrounded by about 3,000 azalea plants in all of their splendor.

The Bunkyo Tsutsuji Matsuri is a great place to spend a few hours and if you ever get hungry, visit the cafe at the pond for some amazing Japanese food and treats.

Event details

When?Every April and May.
Where?At the Nezu Shrine in Eastern Tokyo.
Hours09:00AM to 17:30PM.
Admission FeeAdmission to the shrine is free. From there you will see a lot of the flowers and plants, but to gain access to the azalea walkways will cost 200 yen ($2.00 US).

Further reading

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