How to say boat in Japanese

The Japanese word for boat.
The Japanese word for boat.

The Japanese word for boat is shūtei (traditional Japanese) and bōto (English loanword). Both the Japanese word and the English loanword is commonly used throughout Japan. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

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Interesting facts about boats in Japan

The history of boats in Japan goes back thousands of years as they were essential for not only fishing, but also for trade and transportation.

The earliest type of boat used by the Japanese were basic dugout canoes made by hollowing out logs. These were primarily used for fishing and for trips up and down the coastlines. With time, Japanese boats became more and more advanced as they started building different types of boats to suite specific purposes.

One such vessel was the Japanese sampan, which was modeled after the Chinese sampan. This type of boat was typically propelled by an oar or a sail and used for fishing and transportation. Another example is the much larger yakatabune which was used for parties and other such social events.

The sengokubune is a large fishing boat specifically designed for deep sea fishing. They were able to carry several men at a time while having enough space for various types of fishing gear. These boats were also exceptionally strong and durable because they had to endure rough seas and storms.

Today these boats have been replaced by modern vessels, but some of the Japanese boat building techniques and designs continue to be used by contemporary Japanese boat builders to this day.

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