How to say banana in Japanese

The Japanese word for banana.
The Japanese word for banana.

The Japanese word for banana is banana (English loanword) and a banana peel is banana no kawa. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Banana peel
Banana no kawaバナナの皮
Banana plantation
Banana nōenバナナ農園

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Interesting facts about bananas in Japan

Not only does Japan grow bananas domestically, but they also happen to be the most popular fruit in the country. However, the domestically grown bananas only supply 0.2% of local demand and the other 99.8% are imported – mostly from the Philippines.

Generally, a banana costs under a dollar (US) in Japan, but there is a domestic banana grown in Hokkaido by a company called 946 Bananas that cost just over $10 (US) each. Find out what makes these Hokkaido bananas so special.

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