How to say avocado in Japanese

The Japanese word for avocado.
The Japanese word for avocado.

The Japanese word for avocado is abokado (English loanword) and avocado tree is abokado no ki. See a more extensive list of avocado related words in Japanese below. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Avocado tree
Abokado no kiアボカドの木
Avocado oil
Abokado aburaアボカド油

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Interesting facts about avocados in Japan

When most people think of avocados and Japan they will most probably think of the avocado in sushi. However, avocado as a sushi ingredient is only common outside of Japan.

That doesn’t mean that this unique and highly nutritious fruit isn’t popular in Japan. As a matter of fact, it’s extremely popular and the Japanese refer to it as ‘butter from the forest’. Also, they are considerably cheap compared to other fruits – even though the vast majority of them are imported from other countries such as Mexico.

Avocados, despite their local popularity, is hardly grown in Japan, but the Matsuyama municipal government is trying to change that. Read more about it here.

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