How to say albatross in Japanese

The Japanese word for albatross.
The Japanese word for albatross.

The Japanese word for albatross is ahōdori. The word can refer to all types of albatrosses but is most commonly used when specifically talking about the short-tailed albatross. – The Fastest Way to Learn Japanese Guaranteed

Wandering Albatross
Watari ahōdori渡信天翁
Black-footed albatross
Kuroashi ahōdori黒足信天翁
Laysan albatross
Ko ahōdori小信天翁

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Interesting facts about albatrosses in Japan

The short-tailed albatross, also known as Steller’s Albatross, holds a special place in Japanese culture and is designated as a “Special Natural Treasure” under the Law for the Protection of Cultural Properties. This bird’s breeding grounds are free from mammalian predators, leading to a lack of caution or protective instincts. As a result, the Japanese have given it the nickname “Aho-Dori,” meaning “dumb bird.”

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