Air Bonsai

Air bonsai

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You spend a lot of time perfecting your bonsai, so why not show it off with a levitating pot? No, it’s not some witchcraft or voodoo. It’s physics in the form of levitating magnets, and it’s going to impress the hell out of your family, friends, and cat.

So what is the air bonsai?

The air bonsai was invented fairly recently in Japan by the Hoshinchu team and is the world’s first floating bonsai tree. It consists of two parts – the energy base (the part that sits on your desk) and the little star (the part that hovers above the energy base). Each piece contains a magnet that repels one another and thus creates a magical looking levitation effect.

Air Bonsai | Planting

See an air bonsai in action. Video is owned and created by Imitating.

Three recommended levitating bonsais

The following three recommended items are not from the Hoshinchu Team. To order from them, do so directly on their website at

Japanese style levitating air bonsai pot

A beautiful black colored levitating bonsai pot with gold colored symbols that can be used for bonsai or any other plant that weighs up to 400 grams.

Base size: 16.5x16.5x8cm.
Maximum weight: 400g.
Floating height: 20-25mm.

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Levitating plant pot with Japanese style flower design

Impress family and friends with this uniquely designed bonsai pot that defies gravity. The ceramic base has been hand-painted with a beautiful Japanese style flower design while the floating section automatically rotates in circles.

Want to hear the best part? It comes with a lifetime guarantee!

Base size: 7 x 7 x 1.85 inches.
Maximum weight: 500 grams.
Floating height: 15-20mm.

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Magnetic suspension levitating air bonsai pot with LED lights

The magnetic suspension levitating air bonsai with its aesthetic design is ideally suited for the home and office. Just like the two items mentioned above, it rotates 360 degrees while hovering, but what sets it apart is its built-in LED lights, which makes the piece look amazing in the dark.

Please note that the product ships with fake flowers (the same ones you can see in the image). They look awful and do the product no justice. Luckily, they are just for demonstrative purposes, so feel free to throw them out and replace them with your own flowers or bonsai.

Base size: 7 x 7 x 1.85 inches.
Maximum weight: 0.66 lb.
Floating height: 15-20mm.

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Floating bonsai care tips:

Use flat surfaces: For the star to levitate correctly, the base has to sit on a perfectly flat surface at all times.

Watering practices: Be careful not to get any water onto the energy base when watering the star. It’s recommended to remove the star, water the plant, and then put it back onto the base.

Adhere to the maximum weight: For your levitating bonsai to function correctly, do not exceed the maximum levitating weight. Each product has its maximum load, but most are around 500 grams.

Keep the item away from other electronic equipment: Electronic equipment such as laptops and cellphones can interfere with how the product works. It’s recommended to keep the item at least 8 inches away from other electronics.

Switching it off: As tempting as it may be for some, do not turn the power off while the plant is still hovering.

Overheating: Levitating bonsai can sometimes be prone to overheating. If the base gets too hot, turn it off for 10 minutes and then turn it back on again.