A Guide to Japan

Japanese Culture Guide

Many facets of Japanese culture dates back by thousands of years, and their uncanny ability to perfectly combine their ancient ways with the modernity of the 21st century is what fascinates so many people the world over. Visit the culture section to learn more about the mysterious geisha, sumo wrestling, bonsai, and the many different forms of breathtaking visual arts.

Japanese woodblock prints Japanese Woodblock Prints

A collection of the most legendary ukiyo-e artists, their greatest works and more.

Sumo Wrestling

A millenia old traditional sport and Shinto ritual which is still popular and practiced to this very day.

Geisha Geisha

Geisha’s are the pinnacle of Japanese feminine beauty and continue to fascinate many..


Japan has no shortage of natural hot springs. Find out what makes them the ideal places for..

Bonsai Bonsai

The art of keeping trees in a miniature state is known as bonsai. Learn more about..

Japanese Food Guide

Japan consists of numerous geographical regions, with each offering its own unique set of distinctive appetizing cuisines. From sake, craft-beers, ramen, sushi, Kobe beef, and an enormous variety of candies and sweets.

Sushi A Guide to Sushi

Sushi is so much more than just raw fish. Find out everything you ever wanted to know about this unique Japanese dish.

Sake A Guide to Sake

Sake has been manufactured and consumed in Japan since before recorded history. Learn more about this famous alcoholic beverage.

Awamori Awamori

Awamori is a distilled rice liqueur unique to Okinawa which has recently been gaining..

Salmon sashimi Sashimi

Learn more about sashimi – delicious thin cut strips of raw meat which is very similar..

Japanese green tea Japanese Tea

Japan is home to many of the world’s most healthiest teas. Find out more about them here.

Japanese Products

Japan is notoriously famous for producing the world’s highest quality products as their high standards are virtually unmatched. Check out our list of uniquely made in Japan products such as sushi knives, sake sets, and actual levitating bonsai pots.

Sushi Knifes Sushi Knives

Learning the art of preparing sushi requires not only skill but also the right tools. Check out these amazing sushi chef knives.

Bonsai pots Bonsai Pots

Choosing the right pot for your bonsai tree is extremely important in terms of aesthetics..

Sake sets Sake Sets

Find out about the different components that make up a sake set and how to use them..

Tatami mats. Tatami Mats

Tatami mats have been a common feature in Japanese households for centuries..

Kokeshi Dolls Kokeshi Dolls

Wooden Kokeshi dolls have been made for over 150 years as children’s toys but have..

Japanese Travel Guide

Japan is home to many scenic wonders – from ultra-modern cities, you won’t find anywhere else on earth to quaint towns and villages featuring centuries-old architecture. Natural wonders are plentiful too, such as beaches, islands, hot springs, majestic mountains such as Mount Fuji, and a whole lot more.

Tokyo Travel Guide Tokyo Travel Guide

Tokyo City is the world’s largest metropolis and exploring it in its entirety is not possible with just one lifetime. Uncover the best parts of the city here.

Kyoto Travel Guide Kyoto Travel Guide

Kyoto City is the former capital of Japan but remains as the cultural hub of the country. Come explore this much smaller city and all it has to offer.

Things to do in Kyoto Things to do in Kyoto

Kyoto City is considerably smaller when compared to other Japanese cities but it..

Things to do in Nagasaki Things to do in Nagasaki

Nagasaki is home to many important historical sites which dates back to before the..

Things to do in Okinawa Things to do in Okinawa

Okinawa offers a slightly different culture from that of the rest of Japan. Home to many..